Our window curtain trims and tassels add tasteful details to your drapes and make all the difference in creating that perfect finished look. Our collection of ribbons and tapes, tassels, pom-poms and geometric patterns doesn’t just enhance your room, they add incredible depth and flavour to your window treatments.

Keep reading to learn more about our lineup of bold, bright, whimsical and formal window trim styles. Don’t miss our style tips to use our trimmings for curtains to their fullest effect.

Ribbons & Tapes

Use ribbons and tapes for extravagant touches to modern decor. Our velvet ribbons add a tactile element and rich ambiance to your curtains, while ribbed grosgrain options heighten your living or dining area with a formal or semi-formal character.

Style tip: Choose ribbons in contrasting palettes to jazz up drapes in neutral shades, and use neutral ribbons to tone down brightly coloured drapes to help blend them in with the rest of your decor.


Drapes in Victorian, Elizabethan or today’s classic styles cry out for layers and embellishments such as tassel curtain trims. From dazzling tassels with beaded trim to criss-cross tassels that line the bottoms and sides of your curtains, these accents bring instant chic to traditional designs in your bedroom or living area. Additionally, larger tassels make a dramatic impact on drapery tiebacks.


Pom-poms add a decorative touch with a lighthearted flair. They look great in children’s rooms and play areas, and you can invite whimsical dreams with pom-pom trims in the nursery. Trims are hand-stitched onto drapes for a wonderful effect in single or dual-toned patterns.

Style tip: Choose white drapes and trim them with pom-poms for a pop of colour that your children will love.

Budget Range

You can find affordable curtain trims to match a smaller budget designed to spruce up your home. If you have allocated money for a complete makeover, our high-end ribbons, tassels and pom-pom trims are money well-spent. Although it costs a little more to add fine detail, it’s just the thing that gets your windows noticed.

Final Styling Note

From complicated geometric patterns to velvety soft ribbons and tapes, you can find almost anything you need in our extensive collection of trimmings for drapes.

When choosing your trims, ensure that you match the decor of the room and the aesthetic you wish to convey. Lastly, consider the colour and style of your window hardware so the tones, textiles and type of trim you choose result in a cohesive look for the room.