Custom Velvet Roman Shades & Window Blinds

We handcraft custom velvet shades and blinds from the most luxurious materials, and the resultant shades have captured the hearts of our clients for as long as we can remember. Homemakers, interior designers, event organizers; all of them have an appreciation for the plush feel and rich, sensational hues of velvet.

Our velvet roman shades and blinds come in a wide range of colors for every taste. Whether you prefer daring hues such as emerald green and sapphire blue or our muted greys and browns to add a touch of refinement and beauty to your interiors, you’ll find your soulmate color within the velvety blinds that Spiffy Spools offers.

Perfect for formal spaces. While linen rules casual spaces, all formal events and spaces are the domain of velvet. Whether you’re adding a touch of class to cozy dining rooms or decorating elegant reception rooms, velvet is the ultimate backdrop for classical décor.

Insulating properties. Velvet isn’t just stunning but is also a terrific insulator. Its heavier composition makes it the perfect choice for colder regions since it can trap heat and help insulate your home. By introducing velvet roman blinds to your interiors, you can end up with considerably lower energy bills.

Enjoy peace and comfort. Equipping an office, private study, or home theater with velvet shades and blinds makes for an area that’s greater in both beauty and functionality. This is because velvet can dampen sound, block out light, and provide you with a more peaceful environment.