Custom Sheer Roman Shades & Window Blinds


If you are looking for window treatments for your vacation home or everyday living area, sheer roman blinds are easy to install and add rich beauty without blocking the view. Linen gauze lends a dreamy quality to any Hollywood movie scene and you can boost the mood in your room with this timeless fabric.

Whether you live in a modest ranch-style home or a stately chateau, you can never go wrong with sheer roman shades. Enjoy soft light, watch the birds in your backyard and enjoy privacy through the sheer fabric of lovely roman blinds.

And here are some style notes from our spiffy stylists in the design department.

Layer your sheer shades. Sheer roman blinds are a highly versatile option to layer a window for visual interest. Use sheer roman shades behind drapery panels for a perfect balance of privacy and light filtration. Because they are lightweight and easy on the eyes, sheers allow you to spruce up your drapery without looking over-the-top.

Expect hardware to show. Given the transparent nature of sheer fabrics, expect lift lines and slats behind your roman blinds to peek through. Most clients do not find these aesthetically compromising.

Black slatted shades are not an option. Lining is necessary to construct back slatted roman shades. Since most client choose to keep sheers unlined, back slat style is often not a viable option.

Bold patterns are perfect for sheer roman shades. Don’t be afraid to choose geometric patterns in bold colors. Remember, the sheer quality of the linen mutes and downplays patterns. So, fill your room with subtle light and enjoy bold patterns that excite the eyes without blinding them.