Custom Purple Roman Shades & Window Blinds

Looking to buy purple roman shades & window blinds?

We invite you to explore our stunning range of fabrics in this hue that has always awoken a sense of splendor and majesty.

Monarchs and emperors have often adorned themselves in this color, but it also holds a more refined, intellectual side. It’s not the most common color in the world around us, but it’s this rarity that gives purple in all of its shades the power that it possesses.

Purple roman blinds are a bold interior design choice, but there are many cases where it will pay off and bring an energy to your interiors that nothing else can match. Here are just a few of the ways you might use purple to add a touch of refinement to your home.

Pile on the Contrast

A distinctive, imposing color such as purple works extremely well in contrasts. If your room already uses colors that oppose purple on the color wheel such as yellow and green, then you can make an always-fashionable statement with purple window blinds.

Foster a Sense of Luxury and Extravagance

Purple is equally at home in a royal castle or a corporate meeting hall, and it often adorns each. These sorts of formal spaces demand serious, intelligent interior design; purple has fulfilled this role since the days of Athens and Sparta. If you want to make a powerful impression on casual and formal guests alike, purple roman blinds are the perfect complement to a motif of refinement and class.

Subtle, Intellectual Use of Purple

The spectrum of purple includes seductive violet and regal amethyst, but shades like mauve embody reserved intellectualism. Writers, researchers, creatives, and anyone with a love of peaceful contemplation should incorporate this color into their rooms or studies.