Custom Grey Roman Shades & Window Blinds

Where would sunsets and dusk skies be without the flecks of gray mixed among the bolder, brighter colors? When someone creates a sketch or a charcoal masterpiece, they rely on the subtle, understated beauty of grey and its infinite hues. Indeed, there’s an entire world to find within the shades of grey.

This nuance is at the heart of what makes grey roman blinds work so well for interior decor. They fit perfectly in minimalistic or industrial interiors, but can also serve a powerful, visually compelling contrast with bold, loud colors.

If you’re looking to buy grey window blinds, we hope you’ll find a fabric that suits perfectly within our range.

Enhance An Industrial Style

Industrial interiors that draw inspiration from converted factories and old-school apartments are increasingly popular, and they aspire to a more rugged sort of feeling. A large part of it is the texture, but the colors are also important. An ash grey accent in the form of a set of grey roman blinds can provide a gritty touch to the space while leaving the colors and textures of the room to shine.

Layered Interiors with Grey and White

Grey window blinds are perfect fits for minimalistic, white-cream interiors. Calm colours softened with a selection of tactile textures such as natural sheepskin, linens, candles and plants – all warmed with timber elements, will inspire the much sought- after Nordic simplicity.

They team equally well with warm-toned woods and stone for a natural feel or with cool metals and glass for a more elegant finish. Whatever vibe you choose, grey and white are happy to oblige.

Create Contrast

Grey is the perfect counterbalance to bold, energetic colors that can be visually overpowering if they go unchecked. As the top two neutrals, white walls and grey roman shades make the perfect backdrop on which to introduce your favourite accent colour. From olive and peach to teal and heather, accent away to your heart’s content!