Custom Cotton Roman Shades & Window Blinds


Revitalize your interior space with a touch of chic with our cotton roman blinds. Our custom shades come made-to-order in any size and with many different colors and patterns. Smart and trendy, with a tasteful vibe, these earthy natural fiber shades will make any area feel brighter and more modern. Not only that, our cottons have deep, layered weaves that add texture and life to any environment. Do you want to add a natural, airy touch to your indoor spaces and breathe life into every room? If so, cotton roman blinds are exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Every color is evergreen. Cotton is a fantastic insulator that works both ways. During the summer, it effectively prevents your home from becoming excessively warm. On the other hand, it helps to capture heat and keep your home cozy during the winter. Stylist tip: Order blackout lining behind your blinds for extra insulation.

Versatility is in style. Cotton is a fixture in wardrobes and interiors around the world and throughout history. This comes down to the rich versatility of cotton…the way it can be a simple, casual choice when stitched in a relaxed European style or exude formal elegance when handcrafted into blinds with back slats.

Authenticity in every stitch. Spiffy Spools doesn’t use synthetics; our cottons are all-natural and environmentally friendly. This natural composition is unlikely to cause any sort of allergic reactions and therefore a good fit for most people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Hangs like a dream. We design all of our cotton roman blinds with high-quality drape-weight fabrics. This extra weight enables them to hang well and fall into folds quickly, not to mention that they hold this shape much better than lighter fabrics. Spiffy Tip: We recommend ironing your cotton roman shades and training them for a few days once you first start using them. The result will be a crisper, more beautiful finish that will take your breath away.

Don’t forget to line. We highly recommend lining your cotton shades and blinds. Without lining, colors may fade under strong, direct sun.

Ideal for kitchens. Cotton blinds are soft, breathable, and perfect for use in kitchens. Not only do they not trap smells in the way that polyesters do, but they’re also less of a fire risk. Additionally, cotton is more resistant to dirt and stains that can occur in kitchens compared to most types of fabrics.