Whether drawing gazes in the entryway or adding excitement in the kitchen, curtain valances are making a big comeback. With over 2000 stunning fabrics to choose from, Spiffy Spools is updating this decorating staple with modern prints and on-trend styles. So order your made-to-measure window valances today to add a colourful punch to windows while softening the light in your room and creating the perfect ambience.

Window Valance Key Styles

Our board mounted valances provide a structured, formal look that turns window treatments into opulent focal points. In contrast, but equally delightful, pole mounted valances lend an informal, intimate touch to casual living spaces.

Board Mounted Valances

Board mounted valances add presence to a room and allow you to have greater control over your creative vision. Our board valances come pre-mounted on board with Velcro and all required hardware, which also makes them simple to install, clean and maintain.

Stylist tip: If your kitchen sink has a window situated between two cabinets, you can use the space as your personal palette. Bright colours or abstract patterns on board mounted valances soften the look of your kitchen with your signature style. For a dramatic impact, consider Sheffield, pleated or scalloped valances.

Pole Mounted Valances

Pole mounted valances are stitched with a rod pocket on top. You simply slide the valance pocket over the pole and mount pole on wall. Breeze!

There are two main types of hardware you could consider purchasing for these (our rod pocket valances do not come with any hardware):

Single pole. If you are hanging your custom window valances standalone without curtains or over your blinds/shades, you’d need a single pole hardware configuration.
Double pole set. When you want to use your made-to-measure valances for a clean overtreatment, consider a double pole set with two poles, one behind another. The front pole holds the valance and conceals the hardware of the second pole, which holds the front drapery.

Pole mounted valances make a great fit for casual spaces, like your bedroom or informal sitting room. Since the hardware still shows, pole mounted valances may be less suited for formal settings such as your home office or formal dining room. For these areas, we recommend our board mounted valances.

Style Notes

Here are some helpful tips from our stylists as you design your made-to-measure window valances and swags:

Choose the right pattern. Some motifs can overwhelm delicate window treatments. Large patterns that cut off at awkward intervals can diminish the impact of your carefully chosen valances. Our stylists recommend considering the scale of pattern and ordering fabric samples before making a final decision.
Consider the room. Also factor in the overall aesthetic of the room in your valance purchase. Going for a modern, minimalist feel? Choose valance styles with straight lines and minimal pleating in shorter lengths.
Go traditional. If you live in a period home, embrace tradition with valances embellished with ornamental pleats or “pinches.” Add decadent swags and ornamental tassels to create a Victorian window treatment in minutes! Choose from jacquard, floral and other patterns that reflect the ambience of the room.