Custom White Curtains & Window Drapes

It’s no coincidence that every great masterpiece started out as a white canvas. It represents a realm of pure possibility, and negative space has a great role to play in many artworks.

Bring Out The Best in Your Interiors. White is the color that helps all the others shine. Adding a splash of white accentuates all of the colors around it and magnifies the existing charm and feeling of your room. No matter what your interior design looks like now, it’s a safe bet that adding white curtains can only make it better.

A Soothing, Impressive Centerpiece. That said, white doesn’t only play as a helper to other colors. White itself can be the star, as it makes a room feel brighter and warmer. Heavy usage of white and other neutral, subtle colors can create a space that’s inviting, yet refined. This sense of light and airiness can also amplify other interior design choices, such as artwork and furniture arrangements. In the same way that the pause between notes musical notes gives them power and changes their meaning, a bit of white amplifies your other design decisions.

If you’re not sure which color drapery to buy, then choosing white is a safe bet. That said, there are a few combinations where white truly shines.

Ultra-Chic High Contrast Design. Black and white are the ultimate, original high-contrast pair. It’s one pairing that’s never out of fashion, with the combination of light and darkness serving to enchant people since time immemorial. If the existing color balance of your interiors is a bit more dark, heavy, and subdued, then a splash of semi-grey pale smoke white is the right mix of complement and contrast.

Subdued, Minimalistic Interiors. White is also perfectly suited to Scandinavian-style design, as it naturally enhances the warmth and energy of pastels and minimalistic spaces. While plain white curtains add light and draw attention to the rest of the room, you can use a patterned white to make a statement all its own. For instance, mixing peach walls with a black and white checkerboard curtain is a great way to decorate an interior.

Keep Your Privacy with White Blackout Curtains. When you want extra privacy and a sense of seclusion in a room, it makes sense to have blackout drapes. Counter the loss of natural light with an airy, bone white drape that will give your interior a sense of being brighter, warmer, and more spacious.

Custom White Drapery. We’re proud to offer a brilliant selection of made-to-measure white drapery in different patterns and styles, which we tailor-make to your exact needs. Not only can we handcraft drapery in any length and width you need, we further offer over twelve heading styles to choose from.

If you want to enjoy the versatility and warmth that white has to offer, then you’re sure to love our Spiffy Spools custom-made white curtains and drapes!