Custom Velvet Curtains & Window Drapes


Be still thy heart!

Custom velvet curtains and drapes handcrafted from our luxurious velvets have romanced our clients – homemakers and decorators alike – for as long as we can remember. Featuring plush piles and hues ranging from daring emerald greens and sapphire blues to subtle greys and browns, Spiffy Spools’ velvet curtains are a sensational way to bring any color story to life.

Perfect for formal spaces. Just as linen rules casual spaces, velvet reigns supreme in formal decors and spaces. From dimly lit, cozy dining rooms to elegant reception rooms, velvet is the perfect backdrop for traditional/classic decors.

Pinched & puddled: A beautiful fusion of radiance and elegance, velvet drapery looks best in pinch pleat tops. If your aesthetic is modern, we recommend one of the euro pinch pleats. For an extra bit of drama, consider adding 6-16 inches to your curtain length for a luxurious, ‘puddled’ look.

Wear with worthy hardware. Velvet deserves hardware that lives up to its grace and drama. We love ornate tie backs and on-trend metallic poles to go with this sumptuous fabric. For more subdued interiors, consider traditional wooden poles to match your furniture’s tone.

Insulating properties. As a heavier fabric, velvet is a terrific insulator against cold weather. It is known to help to lower energy bills in cooler climate homes by keeping chill out and trapping heat in.

Blocks noise and light. Velvet is especially well suited for offices, studies and home theatres for its acoustic benefits and ability to dampen noise. We also recommend it for bedrooms with east facing windows to effectively block the morning sun.

Spiffy Tip: Being a relatively thick fabric, velvet needs more stacking room on sides. Consider extending the pole or track 12-18 inches beyond the window frame, so your drapery has enough stacking room on sides and does not block inflow of light. We also recommend avoiding velvet drapery in small spaces and on narrow windows as it tends to absorb light and may darken a small room.