Custom Striped Curtains & Window Drapes

Good color coordination can often make for a beautiful room, but sometimes you find there’s a need for a certain je nais se quois, just a touch of extra excitement. In any case, our family of striped curtains & drapes is exactly what you need to add a bit more flair to a space that’s almost perfect.

Whether you stay neutral with the classic black and cream striped curtains, or bring in a pop of color with turquoise and beige striped curtains for example, striped drapery is a great way to get a “decorator” look. Stripes mix beautifully with solids, florals, and other patterns meaning they can be used in just about any space, room and decor setting.

While vertical stripes are the traditionally popular way to go, we find horizontal stripes to be a little edgier and modern than vertical stripes. Where vertical striped curtains help create the illusion of height thus making ceilings appear higher, horizontal striped drapes make rooms feel wider and can elongate spaces. Therefore, our stylists recommend vertical striped curtains for rooms with low ceilings and horizontals for narrow, smaller spaces.

Since stripes are often graphic and bold on their own, we recommend avoiding colors that clash. Instead, consider hues that either contrast or come from the same color family. Pair a bold color with a neutral like in beige striped curtains, or pick the classic black and cream striped curtains.  Our stylists also recommend counteracting stripes with less busy design elements. If you have striped curtains walls, consider solid furnishings to strike a balance. Or add a couple of solids and dainty floral throw pillows to your space. The effect is cohesive, but it also gives your eyes a place to rest.

Lastly, when considering striped drapes, do bear the size of your room in mind.  Wider stripes play well in a larger room, where thin stripes can look too cluttered and/or get lost.

Happy shopping!