Custom Red Curtains & Window Drapes

Looking to bring an upbeat vibe to your interiors? We recommend draping your windows with red curtains.

Red is bold and beautiful. Red is primal. Red is passionate.

Red is also the color with numerous hues – from bright red vermillion to deep burgundy, seductive scarlet to rich crimson, softer coral red to fiery chilli red, luscious cherry to blush red, and many hues in between.

Whether choosing a contrasting palette of red and green curtains, or a more monochromatic palette such as red and orange curtains, the exact hue of red has to be chosen carefully so as it stands out without overpowering the senses.

Given its liveliness, it is recommended for living rooms and dining rooms. Bright red curtains go best with backdrops in pale and neutral hues. Red drapery also pairs well with neutral furniture with one or two red accents. If plain red is too bold for you, we suggest interspersing red drapes with complementary prints or weaves in more toned down colours.

We offer a wide range of reds – solids, textured, woven, florals, checks, chevrons, in monochrome as well as part of other color palettes – to give you the widest possible choice. Our fabric range includes cottons, linens, velvets, polyesters and blends to match your style, needs and budget. You can also choose among red sheer, semi-sheer or denser fabrics to go with your décor theme and privacy needs. Between our patterned drapes, you’ll find red paired with other colors such as jewel tone green and purples, to more muted pastel orange and neutrals.

Go on, browse through our reds to refurnish your windows in ravishing style.