Custom Purple Curtains & Window Drapes

Purple is a color with a rich history and deep associations with royalty, spiritual fullness, and luxury. By no means a quiet color, purples are the perfect hue to make a strong statement in any room where they feature.

That said, purple’s intensity doesn’t make it less versatile. Rich, deep shades of purple can help create a feeling of opulence and luxury. On the other hand, subtler purples lean more toward a sense of deep thoughtfulness and intimacy.

Purple curtains are well suited to bedrooms, offices, studies, and other private places, but they can also serve as the highlight of shared spaces.

How to Use Purple Curtains

Purple is a natural pair with both black and white as a ‘pop’ complement to a neutral palette.

When you put up purple colors in a white room, the brightness of the white serves to balance the purple and enhance the contrast between your curtains and other elements of home decor. On the other hand, black can compliment the soulful, spiritual connotations of purple by fostering a more quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

If however, you’re looking for something bolder, pair this rich hue with yellow, green or orange to get your share of high drama. Purple likes to be the star of the night on its own and it doesn’t need any color out there to give it that lift. However, combining purple with these rich hues only enhances its visual appeal, while creating an ambiance of energy, enthusiasm, and happiness.

We invite you to browse over 300 regal fabrics in this lovely color from our collection. You’ll find purple drapes in a variety of fabrics – linens, silks, cottons, velvets, polyester and blends – and also in choices of patterns, weaves, prints, solids, and textures.

So go on, refurnish your windows luxury and style!