Custom Polka Dots / Circles Curtains & Window Drapes

The polka dot pattern is instantly recognizable around the world. The uniform pattern of dots overlaying a solid background embody energy and excitement, and they’re a common fixture of design for babies and young children.

No one can deny that polka dots add a great deal of color and life to any space where you add them, but there’s a perception that they’re childish and not suited for more grown up spaces. But ask our stylists and interior designers, this could not be further from truth. While polka dots are great for children, the design motif contains much more depth and possibility than just that.

Classic polka dot drapery can be a perfect fit for a child’s room or kid-oriented spaces, but they can also reinvigorate dull rooms with a healthy dose of color and visual energy. But beyond even that, there are more mature, polka dot-inspired designs that the most serious interior designer can incorporate into any room.

Our polka dot collection is brimming with interesting spin offs of the basic polka dot design. Small, interwoven circles of white across a field of green, orange, or other colors are a much more visually interesting, dynamic spin on a simple monochrome curtain. These rich, detailed, and polka-dot inspired designs can fit into any interior where the original color would have fit well.

The choice of colors and design of the individual circles has a tremendous effect on the energy that your polka dot curtains will put out. ‘Messy’ polka dots have an authentic, paint-splatter look that can add visual interest and energy to a space in an unorthodox, creative way. A light, eggshell/blue blend of small dots exudes a nostalgic, playful sort of energy that’s perfect for a child’s bedroom. On the other hand, larger dots with more neutral colors can find a suitable home in more formal spaces such as living rooms and foyers.