Custom Pink Curtains & Window Drapes

Pink is the most playful and energetic of colors; if you want to make a room feel happy and upbeat, pink curtains are the surest way to do that. The feminine, youthful tones of pink can add a new level of aesthetic cheerfulness and life into your home.

While pink is popular among children, it’s never just for kids. In one style or another, pink is always trendy and fashionable. Want to go for a lively bubblegum look with pink-on-pink, or join the popular hygge design trend? Then pink is perfect for you. While pink and white balance each other and create a smooth, balanced look, you can also pair pink curtains into a striking contrast with other vibrant colors.

How to Use Pink Curtains

  • Try a Happy-Go-Lucky Pink-on-Pink LookPink is a wonderful color that you can never have too much of; if you have pink walls, then double down with pink curtains. While sticking to the same shade is a fine option, you might also enjoy the visual richness that comes with blending different shades. A rich, vibrant shade of pink curtains will make for a fun, happy look. On the other hand, a subtler shade can tone down and balance the feel of the room.
  • Mix PastelsPastel pink is always popular, and it pairs wonderfully with other pastel colors. This is especially common in minimalist and Scandinavian-inspired interior design, but that’s not the only application of a pastel-centric interior. A mixture of pastel pink, red, purple, and other bolder pastel colors can make for a delightful maximalist interior.

Here at Spiffy Spools, youā€™ll find over 300 pink drapes in a variety of fabrics ā€“ linens, silks, cottons, velvets, polyester and blends ā€“ and also in choices of patterns, weaves, prints, solids, and textures.

So go on, browse through our playful pinks to refurnish your windows in beautiful style!