Custom Paisley Curtains & Window Drapes

While a paisley print may remind you of the peace movement and the Summer of Love, the story of this symbol goes back much further. Historians have identified its roots as laying in the humanist, life-affirming philosophy and religion of Zoroastrianism in ancient Persia.

Those who created the distinctive symbol knew it as the buta and saw it as a representation of our finite lives and infinite eternity, of strength as well as modest humility. It became a symbol of royalty and intellect as the centuries went by, and wrapped around to being a symbol of 20th century counterculture.

Bringing Paisley Drapery Into Your Home

Whether you want to call it paisley or buta, it’s a beautiful motif that has been popular for decades. Anyone who feels the design resonate can incorporate it as window treatments into their interior with great results, but those who understand its meaning will appreciate it the best.

As a soft furnishing, paisley patterned curtains & drapes are a good fit for spaces such as foyers and living rooms. The visual richness and depth of our paisley curtains have a powerful, fulfilling presence that adds dimension and color to any interior. If you want to make a strong impression, then you can’t go wrong with paisley drapery.

On the other hand, the sentimental, nostalgic, and symbolic value of paisley motif makes it suitable for many other spaces. It’s a good fit for private studies, personal bedrooms, and other places where a symbol of life, intellect, and peacefulness is a good fit. In this role, the aesthetic appeal and philosophical significance of the symbol make an effective pairing. It just goes to show that when it comes to choosing beauty or meaning, you can have both.