Custom Orange Curtains & Window Drapes

Orange is the color of flowers and fruit in spring, the fading trees of autumn, and the bright summer sun. This vibrant hue is a deeply versatile color that represents warmth and life as well as change and the passage of time.

While orange isn’t the most common color in interior design, it has a rich, dynamic set of meanings and is perfect for bringing the energy of hot summer days or cool autumn evenings to your home.

You can use your orange curtains in a room with a broader motif, such as a nature-oriented room with lush greens and neutral earthy colors. On the other hand, you might blend a subtle orange with yellows and reds to create a room with a warm, inviting vibe.

However, orange is more versatile than that; if you have a room with a light or neutral paint, then orange curtains can make the whole room pop.

How to Use Orange Curtains

Orange is a suitable choice for blending alongside other colors or serving as the star of the room. If your room has an understated look with black or white palette for example, then that serves to balance out your eyecatching orange curtains. By pairing orange with subtle, neutral shades, you’ll add a splash of life and energy to the room.

For a more autumnal vibe, look to the colors of September and October. Adding orange curtains to a room with yellow or brown walls and furniture of these or other related colors will make the colors take on an entirely new meaning together.

Our collection features more than 300 stunning fabrics featuring orange. From plains to patterned, from linens to silks, we have a rich collection of orange drapery fabrics to match your décor vision. So go on, and pick the orange of your dreams!