Custom Kids Curtains & Window Drapes

Bambis, birds, castles and cars…oh we love these delightful prints for a baby’s nursery and children’s bedrooms. Spiffy Spools super adorable kids made-to-measure curtains feature cheerful hues and playful patterns. And you can get them made in any size and heading style – from a classic pinch pleat to a delicate rod pocket – to suit the mood of your room.

Top tips from Spiffy Spools stylists for custom curtains and drapes for kids room / baby’s nursery

Shop for drapes before you paint. Given the endless array of available paint colors, it’s savvier to choose your fabric elements first and then find a paint color to match.

Avoid floor-length draperies in a nursery or toddlers’ playrooms for both safety and hygiene reasons. If you have young children, they may pull on curtains when they are learning to stand or walk, or use them as a handy wipe. Choosing a lightweight, yet sturdy curtain is important for this reason, as is selecting strong and durable rods and brackets that will withstand the occasional tug. If sill length drapes are not your thing, do consider roman shades that are simple, fun and out of reach.

Have fun with patterns. Add a whimsical touch to your nursery design or children’s playroom by choosing a fun, patterned fabric. Add an accent pillow(s) to your rocker chair to create continuity. If a full-on patterned fabric seems too much, consider colorblocking your patterned fabric with a solid fabric to perfectly match your room’s palette.

Keep embellishments to a minimum in a nursery or young children’s room. Beaded decorations, cording, tassels, etc may become loose and hazardous. Opt for fun prints, rich textures and embroidery instead.

Consider ribbon trims for your kids curtains. Ribbon trims offer a safe and simple way to give a delicate decorative look to drapes. Available in matte grosgrain and resplendent velvet, we offer ribbon trims in more than 100 colors, allowing our clients to create a drapery set completely in sync with their room palettes. For window treatments in older kids’ rooms, our stylists highly recommend our lush Pom Pom trims for a fun and playful look.

Add blackout lining to help the little one catch zzz’s during daytime hours. This also helps to insulate the nursery or children’s space against noise and heat. Our blackout fabrics are also especially popular for kids made-to-measure curtains.

Secure pull cords if you opt for roman blinds. Spiffy Spools’ roman blinds come with continuous loop cords and chain locks to ensure there are no dangling cords posing a hazard to little users.

Avoid tension rods as they are not secured to the wall with nails. Spring-loaded tension rods may collapse, possibly hurting a toddler who gives the curtain panel a good pull.