Custom Ikat Curtains & Window Drapes

Ikat has long held an exclusive place in the realm of interior design, particularly the finer fabrics. The design is a product of the finest craftsmanship, as the weaver dyes a pattern into the fabrics before weaving them into a whole. This produces a rich, beautiful pattern that’s equally vibrant on both sides as well as a distinctive, fuzzy appearance.

Textile enthusiasts and designers have always loved the implacable visual feel of ikat patterned curtains & drapes, but it’s more topical than ever. When it seems like everything is mass-produced, the authenticity and craftsmanship of ikat brings a feeling of discerning taste into the spaces it adorns. Most ikat-patterned curtains and drapes feature fairly simple patterns, but you can find intricately detailed, impressively sharp patterns as well.

Using Ikat Drapery

We have ikat-inspired designs as well as the genuine article, and both are beautiful ways to enhance any indoor space. Regardless of the choice you make, the depth of visual interest that these curtains offer demands appreciation. Consider using them in informal and casual spaces where the contribution they make to the atmosphere of the room goes to the best effect.

Styles of Ikat Curtains and Drapes

Ikat curtains are suitable for most design styles, depending on the exact pattern and color you choose. Most of the Spiffy Spools ikat curtains are in warm, neutral shades, but we also have bold, high-contrast curtans and drapes with a black-and-white pattern.

If you want curtains with a stronger, more eye-catching presence, lean towards a fabric with a more intricate pattern. A heightened level of detail serves to highlight the blur effect that these fabrics offer, creating a sense of movement and depth. These designs aren’t suitable for more minimal spaces, however, as they run the risk of overpowering the whole space. However, there are many ikat designs that are perfectly suited for those with more restrained stylistic preferences.