Custom Grey Curtains & Window Drapes

If you want to bring a cool, refreshing vibe to your interiors, grey curtains are what you’re looking for. While some would have accused this color of being drab a few years ago when beige reigned supreme as the neutral hue of choice, grey has long since established itself as one of the trendiest colors for modern interiors. 

We invite you to add a touch of subtle, aloof energy to your interiors by draping your windows in gray curtains.

It’s hard to say one thing about grey curtains because there are so many different ways to use them. Varying fabric textures and choosing between different shades can bring entirely different sorts of energy into your interior design. Regal silver-grey curtains, sleek, modernistic steel, and the other dozens of shades each have something unique to offer.

Gorgeous and Versatile. It’s said that there are fifty shades of grey, and this gives the color family an incredible degree of adaptability. If you’ve painted your walls a subtle, neutral color, then stark charcoal grey curtains will really pop against such a backdrop. In more colorful interiors, you can use light, ashen grays to set a contrast that heightens the vibrance of your space. Overall, gray is so impressively versatile that you can incorporate it into countless different color palettes and design styles.

Bring a Calming Vibe to Your Interiors. Darker shades of gray lend themselves well to a more reserved, sober sort of interior. In particular, these qualities pair well with geometric or textured curtains to add depth and an industrial vibe. Grey curtains with sharp patterns and texture are perfectly suited for a man’s den, private study, or the office.

Accentuate the Colors of Your Room. Floral grays can add feminine finesse to an interior dominated by bold colors. If there is an accent piece in your room with a bold color like turquoise or magenta, try gray drapery with similar color details to make it stand out. This kind of contrast serves to highlight and emphasize the unique qualities of your interior. While it’s most common to use black in this role, sometimes it’s too dark or doesn’t suit the style of your room. In this case, charcoal grey curtains are the way to go.

Blackout Grey Drapery. If you want to create a secluded, peaceful feeling for a private space, thicker grey curtains are an excellent choice. Whether you opt for semi-sheer to let some light in or proper blackout curtains, they’re an excellent choice to help feel that you’ve left the cares of the world behind while you read a book or relax in privacy.

Made-to-Measure Grey Curtains. Spiffy Spools is all about empowering our customers with a great range of custom fabrics. Not only do we have innumerable shades to choose from, but the range of styles is just as impressive. Our collection contains everything from plain to patterns, from monochrome to multicolor – all to make sure that you have the widest possible number of choices. Likewise, we offer a rich selection of fabrics with cottons, linens, velvets, silks, and blends to match your style and budget.

Grey drapery has the potential to revitalize all sorts of interiors and transform the energy of a space. If the color has piqued your interest, browse through our catalogue and refurnish your windows in groovy style.