Custom Green Curtains & Window Drapes

Bring Life to Your Living Space with Green Curtains

Green is one color that has inspired countless poems and tranquil trips to the woods. A look outside your window will reveal why. It’s the color of life and symbolizes nature, rebirth, and a connection to the world around us. You shouldn’t be surprised that interior designers prize green for the lush, vibrant feeling that it can bring to any room. For that matter, the vibrance that green curtains offer makes them a fixture among many of our clients’ homes.

How to Use Green Curtains

Nature-Inspired Colors: The world around us is the original source of interior design inspiration, and you can take a glance outdoors to see how green combines beautifully with so many other colors. Shades of pine and grass can fit perfectly along with subtle browns and greys, making for alluring curtains & drapes for your windows. A touch of blue or yellow in your decor, accessories, or furniture can pull the look together.

Add to a Blue Room: Green and blue are a natural pairing; just look at a treeline set against the backdrop of the sky, or the mixing greens and blues of the ocean. Rooms with a pale, lighter blue shade are the perfect complement to a set of rich, olive green curtains.

Embrace Contrast: You can pair green drapes with more unorthodox colors to create a seductive fusion of styles. For instance, a rich shade of purple or burgundy walls that you’ve paired with a vivid green will each make the other color pop. On the other hand, consider using a neutral wall color and pair green curtains with fuchsia accessories to create a deep, compelling visual experience.

Whichever way you decide to go with this earthy hue, from florals to plains, from casual linens to lush velvets, we’re sure you’ll something that fits your wallets and palettes in our collection!