Custom Geometric Curtains & Window Drapes

Our geometric curtains collection contains a wide range of creative, original, enticing patterns and prints. If you have a popular pattern in mind such as gingham, polka dot, plaid, you’ll find it here. However, you might also discover something new in the form of our more abstract geometric designs, such as the ever popular, Indonesian-inspired ikat curtains. Whether you know what you’re looking for or want to discover something fresh and interesting, this is where you’ll find it.

The Perfect Geometric Drapery is Waiting

Geometric patterns are rich with variety; some designs are relatively simplistic, while others revel in visual detail and complexity. There are geometric print curtains that don’t call too much attention to themselves and are perfectly suited to adjusting the color balance of a room. Then, there are drapes with an explosive presence that become centerpieces of any room you place them in.

Plaid, gingham, and check are some of the most enduringly popular geometric patterns. While they’re each a little different from each other, they share a common appeal in their simplicity and how easy it is to dress a window with them. These types of patterns have warm, nostalgic associations with childhood and simpler times that make them eternal classics.

Some of the most popular geometric curtain designs in America draw inspiration from the distinctive, intricate patterns of Mesoamerican artwork. Smooth, flowing lines and color schemes that evoke the feeling of the desert can add energy, warmth, and visual interest to your interiors.

Our striped curtains and drapes, another sort of geometric pattern are well-suited to modernistic interior design. You can add them to a room to shift the balance of color and light, but striped drapery can also be much more ambitious. Intricate, high-contrast striped patterns can create a sense of depth and movement while commanding the attention of a room.

The one thing that unifies our diverse, original collection of geometric cutains is that they’re all beautiful and hold the potential to elevate your interior design.