Flowers are the most universal symbol of life, love, and the resurgence of nature after the end of winter. There’s an endless variety of flowers, each beautiful in its own way and rich with unique connotations and symbolism.

It’s no surprise that flowers have been inspiring artists and creatives for as long as humankind has existed; share in this artistic tradition by incorporating floral curtains into your interior design. Floral print curtains and drapes are endlessly versatile, with every imaginable combination of patterns and colors at your fingertips.

While looking for floral curtains and drapery, keep your overall style in mind. You can find curtains with cream-colored flower prints that pop against a background of beige with texture that you can see and feel. The warmth and economic design of these sorts of floral curtains makes them an excellent choice for a minimalistic, Scandinavian-style interior.

On the other hand, floral prints can also be subtle, indulgent and seductive. A rich purple pattern of flowers and vines set against a slight off-purple contains details that will elude the casual observer at first, but command their attention for a second look. This regal, refined side of floral prints can add a luxurious touch to foyers or the bedroom.

Make Your House Feel Like Home

Some of the best use of floral prints don’t lay in glamor or minimalism but in old-fashioned, nostalgic design. Patterns with large flowers of differing designs and colors serve as a simple, wholesome callback to more innocent times and make any place seem more like home.

Designs that don’t restrict themselves to flowers and lean into other elements of nature, such as birds in trees or resting on bushes, are particularly suited to fostering a sense of homeliness. These designs have just the right amount of kitschy charm and unabashed sincerity to be perfect for the family dining room and other shared spaces. Besides that, young children are sure to love a set of butterfly-and-flower print drapes for their own bedrooms.