Custom Damask Curtains & Window Drapes

If you want to add a touch of grandeur to your room, then reach for the same choice as Victorian royalty: damask patterned curtains. This exotic style has been around for better than half a millennia and never been out of fashion. With a distinctive double-weave and reversible design, the quality of authentic damask shines through and enriches formal spaces. The bold among us can even incorporate the pattern of palaces into their own home.

Damask patterned curtains are inherently riveting and eye-catching, with a powerful luxurious presence. Traditionally, people only used shades of white for the base fabric and the pattern and allowed the design quality to do the work. Even today, many people follow this design philosophy, though our collection goes beyond, offering you many choices to suit your palette and style.

One Pattern, Three Styles

Regal White-on-White

White on white damask curtains have adorned many palaces, and they’ll fit in well among your interiors. They offer the same regal air today that they always have, but they’re such powerful presences that there’s a risk of feeling out of place in some interiors. This sort of curtain belongs in a beautiful dining room or lovingly adorned living room, a place where you entertain guests while drinking wine.

Neutral Damask Patterns

In recent years, neutral colors have broken out in popularity and damask is no exception to this rule. Beige, light brown, and other warm neutral colored damask curtains in particular are well suited to home decor. The cozy, humble color profile balances the innate luxuriousness of damask and makes for a perfect bit of visual interest to add to your Scandinavian-style interior.

Radiant Centerpieces

We often hear about minimalism; what about maximalism? That’s exactly what rich, colorful damask curtains can bring to your interiors. Hues of deep purple double down on the luxurious vibe of damask curtains and exude an indulgent, seductive energy that’s best-suited to a personal study or bedroom.