Custom Cotton Curtains & Window Drapes


Add instant chic to your space with our made-to-measure cotton curtains and drapes. Available in any size, our cotton drapery looks smart and gives a clean, crisp vibe. Moreover, it comes in umpteen weaves to add textural interest to any space. If you’re looking for window treatments with a fresh, airy and earthy feel, these lovelies from Spiffy Spools will see you there.

Perfect any time of year. This natural fabric is a terrific insulator, keeping your home cool in the summer and warm during the winter. Stylist tip: Order floor length drapes and factor in ‘return’ in your width specification to ensure you’re insulating the entire area around your windows.

Versatility in every fiber. A timeless favorite in wardrobes for its versatility, cotton offers the same breadth of choices when it comes to window treatments. No matter what your room’s aesthetic, cotton has you covered. Sew it in a casual tie top and it’s perfect for a lazy lounge. Stitch it in a pinch pleat and see it transform into a stunning backdrop for a formal room.

The real deal. Natural and non-synthetic, this earthy fabric is not only eco-friendly but also unlikely to cause allergic reactions, making it an easy choice for clients with sensitive skins and allergy concerns.

Drapes like a dream. Cotton curtains in our collection are high quality “drape weight” fabrics, which means they drape really well, fall into straight pleats quickly and hold their shape much better than a lighter weight, low quality fabric. For an even more crisp, beautiful finish, we recommend ironing them before hanging and training them for a few days after.

Don’t forget to line. We highly recommend lining your cotton drapery. Without lining, bright colors on cotton can fade a bit under strong, direct sun.

Ideal for kitchens. Soft and breathable, cotton drapes and shades are great for use in kitchens because they don’t trap smells like polyesters do. Cotton is also strong, less flammable than polyesters and resists dirt and stains better than most fabrics.