Custom Check / Gingham / Plaid Curtains & Window Drapes

Timeless Yet Trendy Drapes

Check, gingham, and plaid drapes have a rich, romantic history with roots in their elegant simplicity. Checker patterns may be the oldest of all, and gingham offers a natural progression with a bit more visual variety; both bringing balance and energy to any room, with the right combination of colors.

Plaid, on the other hand, has always been particularly popular in America; The Scottish immigrants who brought it with them held it as a symbol of unity and resistance to tyranny. On American shores, it took on a new life as an iconic fixture of the frontier home, the tradesman, and the minimalistic Romanticist intellectual.

All three of these timeless pattern styles have a nostalgic appeal and peculiar, understated bluntness that should lead you to incorporate them into your own interiors. While particularly popular for farmhouse style kitchens and rustic dining rooms, we have check, plaid or gingham curtains for any room in your home.

Smaller patterns are great for accentuating your existing decor elements, but larger-patterned curtains have a louder presence that gives them a different role in your interiors. In particular, it’s possible to incorporate them into the heart of your design with great success in many different ways. Drapes with large geometric patterns pop out into the foreground in a way that makes them act as a particularly dominating element of the interior.

If you want to use a curtain with a larger pattern, we recommend opting for a brighter color and painting the room in neutral colors. Lighter shades, pastels, white and brown; these colors have the best relationship with a vibrant plaid, gingham, or checker curtain. Whether you envision your curtains as a supporting element of your interior or the main star, you’ll find what you’re looking for within Spiffy Spools checker/gingham/plaid collection.