Custom Black Curtains & Window Drapes

If you’ve decided to dress your windows in black curtains & drapes, you are making a bold move!

Black is a statement color. It intrigues the viewer, visually dominates over other colors. It also conveys strength, seriousness, authority and power. Black is also sophisticated…remember the formalness of black tie and the glamour of the little black dress? No wonder, black drapery continues to be ‘trendright’ for formal living rooms and grand dining rooms.


Consider the Space: Not instantly ideal for small spaces or against dark walls, black drapes are best used in large spaces with high ceiling height. Think double height living rooms, formal dining rooms and spacious bedrooms. That said, if you’re working to create a dark, moody ambience for your study or home movie theatre, then black drapery might prove well-suited regardless of size of your space. Black drapes also work well in open plan residences where spaces have to be demarcated as per usage.

Consider the Palette: Black itself has several sub-shades like onyx, charcoal, ebony and soot that you can choose from. Whatever shade of black you choose for your drapes, we recommend keeping the walls light colored. Consider whites, paler shades of grey, greens and blues – to balance the depth of black. Also, since solid black curtains offer the advantage of drawing attention away from the windows, they also allow you to showcase any accent color statement pieces you might have in the room.  Imagine that dusty pink velvet couch and your brass mantelpieces against a set black silk curtains. So dramatically chic!

Consider the Patterns: You can strategically pick your drapery to bring harmony and balance between elements in a space.  For example, our stylists recommend using solid black drapes to emphasize a colorful, patterned wallpaper or printed upholstery in a room. Similarly, black drapes with a bold pattern work wonders for a space with solid walls and furniture. Black floral curtains, for example, look fantastic when paired with white couches and black floral cushions. If you find black too stark to use alone, you can consider breaking the view with floral or geometric curtains between a set of solid black panels.

Consider the Light: Black has a tendency to absorb light – and therefore choice of fabric becomes critical when picking black curtains. Black velvet, for example, in an excellent backdrop for candlelit dinners and late night movies, but probably not the best choice for a living room you’d like filled with natural daylight. Black sheers or loosely woven linens would be a better fit for this purpose.  Similarly, black blackout curtains are well-suited for bedrooms and nurseries where you’d like to be able to block out sunlight and outside noise.  A combination of black blackout drapes paired with lighter sheers is therefore quite popular for bedrooms as it allows for optimal control of privacy and light control.

Our collection of black curtains is rich with choices. From solids in all hues of blacks to patterns, from lazy linens to resplendent silks, you’re sure to find a fabric that meets your purpose. Furthermore, we offer over a dozen heading styles – ranging from casual grommet tops to formal pinch pleats – so you can get your curtains handstitched in a pleat style that suits your exact space.

So go on, browse through our black drapery range to endow enviable style to your interiors!